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Archiving a Twitter users timeline with Tweet-SQL 3.6

Here’s a quick update of a post I made way back in 2008 to archive a users timeline. This script will allow you download the tweets from any unprotected twitter account. Let’s get started! First create the following table in your Tweet-SQL database. CREATE TABLE TwitterArchive ( created_at NVARCHAR(30), id BIGINT PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED, [text] NVARCHAR(140), […]

Tweet-SQL 3.5 Released

Tweet-SQL 3.5 is now available. This release features better methods for using multiple Twitter accounts and https support. Download your copy over on There’s a few exciting blog posts coming up including "The AdventureWorks of Tweet-SQL" and "Twitter bots with Tweet-SQL". In the meantime checkout the following blog posts… MULTIPLE TWITTER ACCOUNTS WITH TWEET-SQL […]

Multiple Twitter accounts with Tweet-SQL

Since Twitter made the switch to use oAuth the single most requested feature for Tweet-SQL has been for better handling of multiple twitter accounts. While it was possible to use multiple accounts, with no restriction, you had to go through the oAuth process every time you wanted to change usernames. Obviously this won’t do so […]

Using TwitterCounter with Tweet-SQL

TwitterCounter is a service that provides Twitter user statistics. In their own words; “The TwitterCounter API allows you to retrieve everything TwitterCounter knows about a certain Twitter username.” TwitterCounter basically provides statistics on followers and predictions on growth. The next version of Tweet-SQL will include a procedure to work with this data. Here’s how you […]

Shrinking Tweets with Tweet-SQL

To get your point across on Twitter you sometimes have to try and shorten your tweets. This can be a pain for anyone over 30 who doesn’t know txtspk. Thankfully some clever chap has come to the rescue with TweetShrink and I’ve integrated it into Tweet-SQL. Here’s how you use it; DECLARE @shrunk VARCHAR(140), @shaved […]