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TokuDB file & table sizes with information_schema

Here’s a few queries using the information_schema.TokuDB_fractal_tree_info to get the on disk size in MB for TokuDB tables. This first one will sum up the on disk size for tables using the TokuDB engine. SELECT table_schema, table_name, SUM(ROUND(bt_size_allocated / 1024 / 1024, 2)) AS table_size_mb FROM information_schema.`TokuDB_fractal_tree_info` WHERE table_schema = ‘database_name’ GROUP BY table_schema, table_name; […]

Move a MySQL / TokuDB database?

I’ve been having a look at TokuDB recently and I’m quite excited about some of its claims. But everything comes with its limitations! If you search Google for “move tokudb database” You’ll be presented with a big page of NO! Aside from moving the entire data directory the advice here is use mysqldump or change to another […]

TokyuDB live query reports

I’ve just started to have a peek at TokuDB for MySQL today. I’m running a few statements to turn some existing MyISAM tables over to the TokuDB storage engine. Here’s what you see with a SHOW PROCESSLIST command. Id: 6 User: root Host: localhost:42944 db: test_db Command: Query Time: 658 State: Loading of data about […]