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SSIS: Failed to load XML from package file

I recently came across this error in one of our SSIS packages. Description: Failed to load XML from package file “C:\Path\To\Package.dtsx” due to error 0xC00CE508 “An invalid character was found in text content. Line 426, Column 104”. This happens when loading a package and the file cannot be opened or loaded correctly into an XML […]

SSIS: Loading files into MySQL

Getting data out of MySQL with SSIS is a snap. Putting data into MySQL has been a different matter. I’ve always done this in the past with a hodgepodge of ODBC, Linked Servers, OPENQUERY and the Script Task. All of these work well but they’re just not as convenient as loading files with the OLED […]

SSIS Execute Process Task not registered for use on this Computer

Whilst doing some maintenance on an SSIS package I encountered the below error when attempting to edit an Execute Process Task. The package executes daily so I’m lucky I caught this in time. I Googled around and found this thread which advised a reinstall of SSIS. Unfortunately I didn’t have this luxury so I decided […]

SSIS: Make your output files dynamic part 2

A few weeks ago I blogged about my attempts to make dynamic output files in ssis. The idea here was to make an ssis package, producing a text file output, that would cope with complete changes to the data source. If you wanted to add a column all you needed to do was change the […]

SSIS: Make your output files dynamic

I like making my SSIS packages as dynamic as possible. Once that package has been deployed into production I want to avoid opening it up in BIDS if possible. I’ve blogged previously about using Stored Procedures in Execute SQL Tasks but this only gives us flexibility in terms of the where clause. We have no […]