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Testing datetime dependent Stored Procedures

This week I was tasked with testing a stored procedure that was meant to output data on certain days. This was over a 120 day period, so I wanted to find some automated way of doing this, rather than changing the server date manually for each execution. The method I came up with involves the […]

Ping-SQL Sneak Peek

Ping-SQL allows you to play with the API with standard T-SQL in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and above. Ping-SQL includes procedures to programmatically adjust configuration, replicate data to local tables and, of course, interact directly with the API. Here’s a quick summary of the procedures currently in the suite… Procedure Classification Comment ping_cfg_debug Configuration […]

Insert data into MySQL with T-SQL

One of the killer features of SQL Server is the ability to retrieve data from almost any source. Want to query MySQL, Access databases, text files, Active Directory, Exchange mailboxes or XML documents? All this is possible with SQL Server and is relatively simple to do so and all without resorting to SSIS. Getting data […]