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The behavior of gtid_strict_mode in MariaDB

GTIDs in MariaDB are a nice improvement to replication and make fail-over a simpler process. I struggled a little with the explanation of gtid_strict_mode and what to expect. So I thought I’d run through a simple scenario to make my own understanding clear. In this scenario I have created two instances of MySQL; primary and secondary. […]

Better “read_only” slaves in MariaDB / MySQL

UPDATE: As of MySQL 5.7.8 there is super_read_only so use this instead of this trick. It’s always been an annoyance that read_only in MySQL actually means “read only apart from those with the SUPER priv”. Now I know it’s best practice not to give this permission out to users but sometimes we are stuck with the choices […]

ERROR Failed to open the relay log ‘7’ (relay_log_pos 0)

I received the following error when I upgraded modified a slave from MySQL 5.6.14 to MariaDB 5.5.33 and executing “START SLAVE;”. 131106 11:12:31 [ERROR] Failed to open the relay log ‘7’ (relay_log_pos 0) I checked my file and it looked like below… 7 /logs/relay/hostname-relaylog.000046 661930553 hostname-masterlog.000019 661930383 0 0 0 Obviously there a difference […]