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Kill all processes by name with Powershell

A reader commented on a previous post pointing out a deficiency in one of the scripts used to kill processes on remote computers. If more than one instance of the specified process was running on the target computer the script would buckle. This is pretty easy to rectify. The below script will kill all process […]

Searching database objects with Powershell

Sometimes it’s useful to get a quick overview of what objects are referencing a particular table, view or function. This may arise when we think we may need to drop an object but want to double-check if anything in the database is still referencing it. Here’s a quick solution in the form of a Powershell […]

Check the time on multiple servers

After the recent change in our clocks due to BST I noticed that one of our servers was a hour slow. I wanted to check the rest since we run a lot of time dependant processes. Now we have Powershell any thought of manually checking each one is madness. Here’s a quick script I knocked […]

SQL Server Audit with Powershell Excel Automation

Here’s neat little Powershell script you can use to audit your SQL Server databases. The script is dependant on the SQL Browser service, to discover instances, so you will need to make sure this is running. This will allow you to audit all SQL Server instances on the localhost with details of your databases and […]

Get TFL Tube data with Powershell

The London Datastore has loads of datasets available that we can use for free. One of the datasets available is a list of TFL Station Locations. The station location feed is a geo-coded KML feed of most of London Underground, DLR and London Overground stations. Here’s Powershell script that will extract this data from a […]