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The Poor Mans data compare with Powershell

Each new cmdlet I discover makes me fall in love with Powershell a little bit more. A while ago I discovered the Compare-Object cmdlet. The examples given in the documentation demonstrate how to compare computer processes and text files but I was interested to see if this would work with a dataset. So I tried […]

Getting the size of files created in a date range

I was recently asked for a list providing size details of all the database and transaction log backups we take for SQL Server. Along with this I was asked to provide the approximate daily backup size. Since I’m no fan of trawling through folders, ordering by date modified, and then viewing properties to get the […]

Powershell Keyboard Shortcuts

Here’s a few of the keyboard shortcuts for Powershell I always find myself using during the day at work. Pause output on the screen Sometimes a command may produce lots of output causing the screen to scroll rapidly. Pressing Control & S will pause the output currently on the screen. Press any key to continue […]

Can you send that to me in an email?

Sometimes I’m writing Powershell scripts to gather information on a seemingly ad-hoc basis and then someone says; "Oh, and can you send that to me in an email every day|week|month". These scripts would often use a bunch of Write-Host statements to output to the console. Modifying these to send the output in an email can […]

Guest Post on Scripting Guys

I’ve written a post about Documenting Databases with Powershell that’s featured today on the Microsoft Scripting Guys blog. Head on over and check it out!