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I really used to like apt-get when I used to run Linux as my home os a few years ago. Once you got the hang of it installing and managing software was easy. I’m obviously pleased to see PsFetch in development. This tool is the Windows Powershell take on apt-get which will allow you to […]

PowershellPack STA Error

I’m really into Powershell so I like trying out all the available tools. Somehow I’ve missed the release of the PowershellShellPack which has ten modules offering all kinds of additional functionality including file handling, operating system information, GUI and code generation. I followed the Channel 9 video and ran into a problem on the first […]

Powershell Tools

I love Powershell. You can do some really cool things with just a few lines of code that you would struggle to do any other way. There’s quite a community around Powershelll providing a fair number of tools. Here’s a round-up of a few I have used. PowerGUI – PowerGUI is a project supported […]