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Discover SQL Servers with Powershell via the registry

Chuck Boyce Jr (blog | twitter) recently commented on a limitation of the script from my post Discover SQL Servers with Powershell. The script does require that the SQLBrowser service is running for discovery to occur which may be a major issue for some. Here’s an alternative method that does not have this limitation. All […]

Converting CSV FileS to XML with Powershell

Powershell is a pretty cool tool for many things including working with data. It’s just such a great time saver if you have to deal with multiple files or need to change them into different formats. Here’s how easy it is to turn a csv file into well-formed xml. ?View Code POWERSHELL# csv file to […]

Trimming Whitespace with Powershell

A few days ago I was working with a client that was providing an export of data from Oracle. The file being produced was choking my SSIS package due to various formatting issues. After working with the client and getting a file that looked good to the naked eye I discovered that a large amount […]

Splitting csv files with Powershell

I’ve blogged before about the usefulness of Powershell for data tasks. A few weeks ago I had a requirement at work for merging csv files and recently I needed to split a single csv file into several files. While this is easy to do using SSIS and a bit of T-SQL it is a little […]

Using Progress Bars within the Powershell Console

Progress bars can be a nice visual indicator as to how a far a task is into its workload. Windows Powershell provides us with the ability to create these within the console fairly easily. This simple code will demonstrate the basics of the Write-Progress cmdlet, which allows us to deploy progress bars in our scripts. […]