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mongodb_consistent_backup: A quick example

Just a quick post here to share some notes I made when using the mongodb_consistent_backup tool. This was performed on a installed of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.2 (Maipo) running python 2.7.5. Install required packages and clone the tools repo; ?View Code BASHyum install python python-devel python-virtualenv gcc yum install mongodb-org-tools yum install git git clone […]

Migrate users between MySQL Servers with pt-show-grants

If you use MySQL but don’t use Percona Toolkit you’re really missing a trick. It contains a whole host of useful tools including pt-show-grants which I use to migrate users between servers easily. ?View Code BASHpt-show-grants –host mysqlservername –user username –password secret | mysql -h localhost -u username -p If you want to filter out any […]

pmp-check-mysql-deleted-files plugin issue

I’ve been busy setting up the Percona Nagios MySQL Plugins  but ran into an issue with the pmp-check-mysql-deleted-files plugin; UNK could not list MySQL’s open files After a little debugging we tracked this down to a problem caused by running multiple instances of mysqld. This is something the script author (Baron Schwartz) mentions in his […]