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Parsing Nagios log files with fluentd

Recently I’ve been experimenting with EFK to see how we can extract value from our machine logs. We also use Nagios to monitor various services and processes within our infrastructure. The text logs produces by Nagios are not very useful in their raw form as you can see… [1405413255] Auto-save of retention data completed successfully. [1405413285] […]

Installing Fluentd Using Ruby Gem

Here’s just a little update of the process found here, Installing Fluentd using Ruby Gem on OpenSuSE 12.1 zypper install ruby zypper install ruby-devel gem install fluentd –no-ri –no-rdoc cd /etc fluentd1.9 –setup ./fluent vi /etc/fluent/fluent.conf # config file, there’s some forwarding server configured here that you may want to alter or remove gem install […]