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What does disk maintenance mode actually do to a Failover Cluster?

In Failover Cluster Manager if you perform the following sequence of actions… Storage > Right Click a Disk > More Actions… > Turn on maintenance for this disk You are presented with the following message in the status bar. Turning on maintenance for a physical disk resource allows the disk to be used by applications […]

Identify the Active Cluster Node with Powershell

I wanted to find a way of programatically identifying the active node of a SQL Server Cluster. I found this post that demonstrated how to do it with TSQL. As I love Powershell so much here’s another method to do it; # Set cluster name $cluster_name = “ClusterName”; # Load SMO extension [System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName(“Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo”) | out-null; […]

Failover All Cluster Resources With Powershell

Here’s a simple example showing how to manage the failover process with Powershell, making sure all resources are running on one node. First, execute the below command to show which node owns the resources. Get-ClusterGroup -Cluster ClusterName | Format-Table -AutoSize; Name OwnerNode State —- ——— —– SoStagSQL20Dtc Node1 Online SQL Server Node1 Online Cluster Group […]

Cluster network ‘SAN1’ is partitioned

You may encounter this error, about your storage networks, when setting up your Windows 2008 Failover Cluster. The following errors, Event ID 1129, will show up in Cluster Events… Cluster network ‘SAN1’ is partitioned. Some attached failover cluster nodes cannot communicate with each other over the network. The failover cluster was not able to determine […]

Powershell for Failover Clustering

As it’s looking increasingly likely I’ll be deploying Windows Failover Clustering, as a HA solution at work, I thought it would be prudent to swot up on a little related Powershell. I’ve picked out a few clustering cmdlets that will be helpful for building scripts to manage and monitor a cluster. First things first! If […]