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What’s protected from accidental deletion in Active Directory?

Here’s just a little tip I picked up from a presentation by Mark Broadbent (retracement on twitter). I’m the guy who wasn’t listening! Mark stressed the importance of enabling the Protection from accidental deletion property in active directory for your Failover Clusters. Here’s how to check this for Computers with Powershell. This string of commands […]

What does disk maintenance mode actually do to a Failover Cluster?

In Failover Cluster Manager if you perform the following sequence of actions… Storage > Right Click a Disk > More Actions… > Turn on maintenance for this disk You are presented with the following message in the status bar. Turning on maintenance for a physical disk resource allows the disk to be used by applications […]

Failed to configure Node and Disk Majority quorum with ‘[Disk Group Name]’.

I was changing the drive used as a disk quorum today and received the following error at the end of the wizard in Failover Cluster Manager; Failed to configure Node and Disk Majority quorum with ‘[Disk Group Name]’. I then noticed the drive I was trying to add was in the “SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER)” group […]

Testing a Failover Cluster with Powershell

Just a quick Powershell snippet that I’m going to use to run validation tests on one of my staging Failover Clusters during OOH. The script below will take some services offline, run the validation tests, before bringing the appropriate cluster groups back online. The report will be saved using the date as the name. To […]