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Table & Tablespace encryption in MariaDB 10.1.3

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Here’s just a few notes detailing my investigations into table & tablespace encryption in MariaDB 10.1.3. Table Encryption First Generate encryption keys ?View Code BASHlinux> openssl enc -aes-256-cbc -k secretPassword -P -md sha1 Next build your key file from the above output. This should be in the following format.. 1;<iv>;<key> This will look something like… […]

TSQL: Transparent Data Encryption exercise for 70-462

Here’s some TSQL for the WingTipToys2012 Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) exercise in the 70-462 training materials. ?View Code TSQLCREATE DATABASE WingTipToys2012; GO   USE WingTipToys2012; GO   USE [master]; GO   CREATE MASTER KEY ENCRYPTION BY PASSWORD = ‘SecretPa$$w0rd’; GO   CREATE CERTIFICATE server_cert WITH SUBJECT = ‘My DEK Certificate’; GO   USE WingTipToys2012; GO […]

Encryption with TSQL

SQL Server has a bunch of encryption functionality at its disposal. The EncryptByPassphrase allows us to quickly encrypt data using a password. This function uses the Triple DES algorithm to protect data from prying eyes. To encrypt a section of text we supply a password and the text to the function; ?View Code TSQLSELECT ENCRYPTBYPASSPHRASE(’secret’, […]