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Altering Database Objects with Powershell

Sometimes it’s necessary to rename tables and databases and this can create a lot of work if it’s referenced by other database objects. I recently came across this situation at work. Developers had introduced a second database into the system and each referenced the other. This didn’t sit well with our testing environment that had […]

Monitoring & starting Services with Powershell

Are you part of the DBA crowd that hasn’t yet checked out Powershell? I’m really enthusiastic about its potential for server administration. Script out all those mundane jobs you have to do and make life easy. Here’s a Powershell script that makes checking if services are running, and optionally starting them, on multiple servers really […]

Temporary & Custom Database Object Naming

Over the years I’ve experienced various problems with temporary and custom database objects (as in objects created specifically for certain client systems). Development and deployment teams are often distinct and this can create issues. These issues have included; Temporary objects persisting for months or years beyond their initial purpose. Temporary objects spreading from development to […]