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Extract Stored Procedure Comments with TSQL

I’ve blogged before about documenting databases. I’m very much a fan of extracting documentation from systems themselves so it’s as up-to-date as it can be. That’s probably why I’m such a big fan of Powershell a tool that excels at this task. This week I was thinking about how to get at the comments often […]

Get database size With T-SQL and MySQL

I’ve recently been busy documentation various systems at work and came up with these queries to get a list of databases and their sizes for each SQL Server. These queries will show the server name, database names, and their sizes in KB, MB and GB. For SQL Server 2005 & 2008 — SQL Server 2005 […]

System Documentation: My Method

Jorge Segarra (Blog | Twitter) posed the question System Documentation: What’s your method?. In my experience documentation has either been nonexistent, out of date or even worse, plain wrong. These situations often get blamed on lack of time dedicated to documentation tasks. Therefore I’ve always aimed at making documentation easy or even fun. I’ve blogged […]

Documenting Databases

Asking for database documentation in many tech shops will result in blank stares. Other places do see the value of but it forever remains on the to-do list. There are a few commercial products available hoping to help with this; SchemaToDoc – SqlSpec – SQL Doc – I’m not convinced of their […]