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Comparing accented strings with TSQL

Today a colleague was running into some difficulties matching football team names containing accented characters. For example Olympique Alès and Olympique Ales were not matching when he wanted them to. The issue here is all to do with collations. We can use the Latin1_General_CI_AI collation in our queries to force the comparison to ignore accents […]

Cannot resolve the collation conflict

I do a fair bit of work with Linked Servers and cross-database queries  and sometimes come across the following error when joining between databases with different collations; Msg 468, Level 16, State 9, Line 1 Cannot resolve the collation conflict between ‘Latin1_General_CI_AS’ and ‘SQL_Latin1_General_Pref_CP850_CI_AS’; in the equal to operation. To replicate this error run the […]