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my: a command-line tool for MariaDB Clusters

I’ve posted the code for my MariaDB Cluster command-line tool called┬ámy. It does a bunch of stuff but the main purpose is to allow you to easily monitor replication cluster-wide while working in the shell. Here’s an example of this screen… hostname port cons u_cons role repl_detail lag gtid read_only master1 3306 7 0 ms […]

Notes from the field: CockroachDB Cluster Setup

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Download the CockroachDB Binary Perform on each node. ?View Code BASHwget tar xvzf cockroach-latest.linux-amd64.tgz mv cockroach-latest.linux-amd64/cockroach /usr/bin/ chmod +x /usr/bin/cockroach Create cockroach user and directories Perform on each node. ?View Code BASHgroupadd cockroach useradd -r cockroach -g cockroach su – cockroach cd /home/cockroach mkdir -p certs my-safe-directory cockroach_db Check ntp status Check NTP is […]

MongoDB: Making the most of a 2 Data-Centre Architecture

There’s a big initiative at my employers to improve the uptime of the services we provide. The goal is 100% uptime as perceived by the customer. There’s obviously a certain level of flexibility one could take in the interpretation of this. I choose to be as strict as I can about this to avoid any […]