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SQL Server Partitioning for Paupers

Last year I posted about a pauper’s partitioning technique I used with SQL Server to solve some data purging issues. In a similar vein I recently found SQL Server partitioning without Enterprise Edition┬áthat looks like the answer to an issue in our systems. We have large amounts of data but simply can’t justify the cost […]

Getting started with Query Notifications with SQL Server 2008 R2

I’ve been experimenting with Query Notifications in SQL Server 2008 R2. This looks like a really cool way of implementing real-time features into your applications without constantly battering your database with select statements. Instead we can request a notification for when the data has changed for a query. Here’s a quick demo of the feature. […]

Inspect those indexes

Here’s a few queries I often use to review the indexes in our SQL Server systems. Tables should usually have a primary key. Are all of these intentional in your system? ?View Code TSQL– Tables with no primary key SELECT OBJECT_SCHEMA_NAME(t.[object_id]) AS [schema_name], OBJECT_NAME(t.[object_id]) AS [table_name] FROM sys.tables t LEFT JOIN sys.indexes i ON i.[object_id] […]