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Get a list of all your database files

I needed a list of all the database files on a SQL Server instance. Here’s how to get this easily. First create a temp table to hold the data like so.. ?View Code TSQLSELECT * INTO #db_files FROM sys.database_files; Truncate it so we don’t duplicate nay data. ?View Code TSQLTRUNCATE TABLE #db_files; Next we use […]

Troubleshooting the sh script for dbt2

I’ve been working with dbt2 benchmarking tool recently and had a few issues I thought I’d detail here for anyone else having the same issues. I was attempting to load the dbt2 database with test data; ?View Code BASHsh –database dbt2 –path /tmp/dbt2-w3 –mysql-path /usr/bin/mysql –user root –password secret The script threw the following error; […]