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Quick Linux Tip: rpm query & xclip

I’m working on a script to do some basic auditing of my Linux servers. One thing I want to record is the install details from an rpm query. The following command will provide us with some basic details of the rpms installed and ordered by date. ?View Code BASHrpm -qa –queryformat ‘%{NAME} %{VERSION} %{INSTALLTIME:date}\n’ –last; […]

Check the SQL Server Service Account Can Write the SPN

I don’t have access, like many DBAs, to the inner bowels of Active Directory.  While I’m more than happy for it to stay this way I still want to check that certain things have been setup correctly and haven’t been “cleaned-up” by a security nazi focused domain administrator. One such situation arose recently with Service Principal Names. SPNs […]

MySQL Database Maintenance Stored Procedure

UPDATED VERSION: MySQL Database Maintenance Stored Procedure Here’s a very simple stored procedure I use to run some maintenance on MySQL tables. It allows you to run OPTIMIZE TABLE or ANALYZE TABLE on all (or most) tables in a MySQL database. ?View Code MYSQLDELIMITER $$   DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS `db_maintenance`$$   CREATE DEFINER = […]

Purging data & Partitioning for Paupers

Several months ago at work we started having some terrible problems with some jobs that purge old data from our system. These jobs were put into place before my time, and while fine at the time, were now causing us some big problems. Purging data would take hours and cause horrendous blocking while they were […]

Check Mirroring Status with Powershell

Here’s a simple Powershell snippet to check the mirroring status on your SQL Server instances. ?View Code POWERSHELL# Load SMO extension [System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName("Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo") | Out-Null;   # Servers to check $sqlservers = @("server1", "server2", "server3"); foreach($server in $sqlservers) { $srv = New-Object "Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.Server" $server; # Get mirrored databases $databases = $srv.Databases | Where-Object {$_.IsMirroringEnabled -eq $true}; Write-Host […]