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Powershell Primary Key & Clustered Index Check

It’s considered a bad practice  Not using Primary Keys and Clustered Indexes here’s a Powershell script that can make checking a database for this very easy. Just set the $server to the sql instance you want to check and $database as appropriate. ?View Code POWERSHELL# variables $server = "sqlinstance"; $database = "badDB"; # Load SMO […]

Synchronize Mysql slave tables with mk-table-sync

I’ve been meaning to check out Maatkit for a while now. Today I had a reason to as one of our MySQL slaves got out of sync with the master. I’d heard about mk-table-sync, a tool that synchronizes tables, so I thought I’d give it a shot. As it turns out it’s this easy; mk-table-sync […]

Counting objects between databases

I’ve been looking at using Powershell in our release process to automate various things. I’ve used it to compare table data between databases and I’m now thinking of using it to validate our schema upgrades. I want to be easily alerted to any missing tables, columns, stored procedures and other objects. We have TFS at […]

List Sql Server Processes with Powershell

I was looking for a way to grab a list of processes running inside Sql Server but wasn’t having much luck. Essentially I wanted something like the Get-Process cmdlet but for Sql Server. Shortly after tweeting for help I stumbled across the EnumProcesses SMO method. Using this is quite simple. To list all Sql Server […]