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Error dropping database (can’t rmdir ‘./database’, errno: 39)

Just a very quick post today! If you encounter this error when attempting to drop a MySQL database; Error dropping database (can’t rmdir ‘./database’, errno: 39) Then you probably have some rogue files in the folder where the database files are located. If you cd into this directory you will be able to view these […]

Unsigned Integer Arithmetic in SQL

Not the sexiest blog title in the world but I thought I’d knock up a little post on the behaviour of MySQL and SQL Server with integer subtraction. How would you expect a database system to behave with positive and negative data types? Microsoft SQL Server doesn’t really have unsigned data types. All integer types […]


I usually use SQLYog to write any stored procedures for MySQL. Whenever you alter a procedure the editor essentially generates SQL to drop and then recreate it. ?View Code MYSQLDELIMITER $$   USE `db`$$   DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS `my_proc`$$   CREATE DEFINER=`root`@`%` PROCEDURE `my proc`() MODIFIES SQL DATA SQL SECURITY INVOKER COMMENT ‘Just an […]

Cross database foreign keys?

Colleague: “Can you have foreign keys referencing other databases?” Me: “Erm… I don’t know, but it I’ll find out.” I’ve always thought tables with these relationships should exist in the same database so I’ve never attempted this. But I don’t like not knowing things so I set to find out. The answer, as it often […]

SSMS SQLCMD Mode: a half done job?

I’ve always been aware of SQLCMD mode in SQL Server Management Studio but until a few days ago I never considered using it. So what is SQLCMD? SQLCMD is a command line application that comes with Microsoft SQL Server, and exposes the management features of SQL Server. It allows SQL queries to be written and […]