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Can you send that to me in an email?

Sometimes I’m writing Powershell scripts to gather information on a seemingly ad-hoc basis and then someone says; "Oh, and can you send that to me in an email every day|week|month". These scripts would often use a bunch of Write-Host statements to output to the console. Modifying these to send the output in an email can […]

Guest Post on Scripting Guys

I’ve written a post about Documenting Databases with Powershell that’s featured today on the Microsoft Scripting Guys blog. Head on over and check it out!

Add column headers to a MySQL Outfile

Unfortunately the MySQL SELECT INTO OUTFILE command doesn’t support an option to output the headers of the result set you are exporting. A feature request has been open for over 2 years to sort this with no apparent activity. A few people have had the idea of using a UNION ALL to include the headers […]

Performance benchmarking with Powershell

I’ve been working on a performance benchmarking project recently to gauge the effect of new releases to our systems. Powershell happens to be very useful gathering various system statistics using the Get-Counter cmdlet. There’s literally a tonne of available counters for everything to disk use, memory usage to sql server specific counters. You can list […]