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Are your databases Trustworthy?

Recently I needed to check which of our databases, on our many SQL Servers, had the TRUSTWORTHY property set to true. This property, when set to false, can reduce certain threats from malicious assemblies or modules. Obviously this should only be enabled where it needs to be. Here’s a quick Powershell script that will enable […]

Schedule a Windows server reboot

Just a quick one today as I’m always forgetting how to do this! I occasionally have to schedule server reboots to happen in the middle of the night. This is easily achieved by using the AT command in a command prompt window. The following example will schedule a server reboot for 3AM as a one-off […]

Why didn’t I know this SSMS Shortcut?

I was in two minds about whether to blog about this as I’m sure many people know this already! What the hell! I’m not embarrassed to admit I don’t know everything. Even the most casual user of SSMS knows that you can drag any database, table or column from the object explorer to the editor. […]