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Parse MySQL Slow Logs with mysqlsla

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Here’s a bash script that you can use to parse multiple MySQL Slow Query Log files, in one sweep, into something much more understandable. The script uses the handy utility mysqlsla so make sure this is in your path.  mysqlsla parses, filters, analyzes and sorts MySQL slow, general, binary and microslow patched logs in order […]

Kill all processes by name with Powershell

A reader commented on a previous post pointing out a deficiency in one of the scripts used to kill processes on remote computers. If more than one instance of the specified process was running on the target computer the script would buckle. This is pretty easy to rectify. The below script will kill all process […]

Tweet-SQL Version 3 released

Tweet-SQL version 3 has been released! Here’s a quick summary of the new features. Full 64 bit OS Support. (Previously the installer would fail to created the required registry keys on 64 bit Operating Systems). Full support for oAuth authentication. Support for the new Twitter List methods. See sqlserverpedia list with Tweet-SQL for this in […]

Comparing accented strings with TSQL

Today a colleague was running into some difficulties matching football team names containing accented characters. For example Olympique Alès and Olympique Ales were not matching when he wanted them to. The issue here is all to do with collations. We can use the Latin1_General_CI_AI collation in our queries to force the comparison to ignore accents […]