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Scripting out database objects with PHP

I’ve recently needed to script out the create sql for various MySQL database objects. No Powershell or SMO to help with this so I’ve quickly rolled a PHP script to get this done. This will script out all tables, views, triggers, stored procedures and functions from the specified database. One file per object in your […]

Using Bash with MySQL

Now I’m back working with MySQL on Linux I’m starting to learn Bash scripting to automate various tasks. Here’s a very simple script demonstrating how to interact with MySQL from Bash. Just set the localhost, user and pwd (password) variables to something appropriate for the MySQL server you want to query. The script will use […]

SSIS: Loading files into MySQL

Getting data out of MySQL with SSIS is a snap. Putting data into MySQL has been a different matter. I’ve always done this in the past with a hodgepodge of ODBC, Linked Servers, OPENQUERY and the Script Task. All of these work well but they’re just not as convenient as loading files with the OLED […]

Searching database objects with Powershell

Sometimes it’s useful to get a quick overview of what objects are referencing a particular table, view or function. This may arise when we think we may need to drop an object but want to double-check if anything in the database is still referencing it. Here’s a quick solution in the form of a Powershell […]

SSIS Execute Process Task not registered for use on this Computer

Whilst doing some maintenance on an SSIS package I encountered the below error when attempting to edit an Execute Process Task. The package executes daily so I’m lucky I caught this in time. I Googled around and found this thread which advised a reinstall of SSIS. Unfortunately I didn’t have this luxury so I decided […]