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The ‘DataSourceView’ with ‘ID’ = ‘Adventure Works DW2008’ doesn’t exist in the collection.

One of my goals for this year has been to learn more about SQL Server Analysis Services. So I’ve bought myself a (very fat) book on the subject and have started to work my way through it. A few days ago I built the first example cube in Chapter two. Coming back to it this […]

MySQL clone of sp_spaceused

Following on from yesterdays blog post, a MySQL clone of sp_MsForEachTable, here’s an attempt at a clone of sp_spaceused. There’s a few issues to be aware of involving the storage engine in use. For example the row count is accurate for MyISAM while with InnoDb it seems to be just an estimate. This estimate can […]

MySQL clone of sp_msforeachtable

Many SQL Server DBAs and Developers get a  lot of use out of the undocumented sp_MsForEachTable system stored procedure. Here’s an attempt at creating a functional version for MySQL. The procedure makes use of prepared statements, which do have some limitations, so some uses may not translate across. This is far from production ready so […]

Managing Index Fragmentation with Powershell

Here’s a Powershell script that can be used to manage index fragmentation in SQL Server databases. The strategy I’ve used in the script is based on a recommendation from Pinal Dave (blog | twitter) in his article  Difference Between Index Rebuild and Index Reorganize Explained with T-SQL Script. Just set the $sqlserver and $database variables […]

SSIS: Make your output files dynamic

I like making my SSIS packages as dynamic as possible. Once that package has been deployed into production I want to avoid opening it up in BIDS if possible. I’ve blogged previously about using Stored Procedures in Execute SQL Tasks but this only gives us flexibility in terms of the where clause. We have no […]