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Get TFL Tube data with Powershell

The London Datastore has loads of datasets available that we can use for free. One of the datasets available is a list of TFL Station Locations. The station location feed is a geo-coded KML feed of most of London Underground, DLR and London Overground stations. Here’s Powershell script that will extract this data from a […]

Free Database Sync Tools

I’m a big fan of Redgate SQL Compare but it’s been good to see the arrival of a few free alternatives. Life previous to these tools really does seem like the stone age now eliminating those "oh $h**, I forgot about that!" moments. I’d always go for Redgate every time but, if you don’t have […]

Console input with Powershell

I’m looking at building some Powershell scripts that can accept user input to perform different tasks with a wizard style interface. As it happens this is fairly easily achieved with the Read-Host cmdlet. Here’s a quick script showing how such a powershell script may look. ?View Code POWERSHELLfunction mainMenu() { Clear-Host; Write-Host "============"; Write-Host "= […]

SSIS: Make your output files dynamic part 2

A few weeks ago I blogged about my attempts to make dynamic output files in ssis. The idea here was to make an ssis package, producing a text file output, that would cope with complete changes to the data source. If you wanted to add a column all you needed to do was change the […]

Breaking my Non-Equi Join cherry

There’s few SQL techniques you seem to keep in the cupboard gathering dust. I don’t think I’ve ever needed to use RIGHT JOIN outside of the classroom. I can recall using FULL OUTER JOIN, just once, to show an employer how not-in-sync their "integrated system" was. Today I broke my professional Non-Equi JOIN cherry! I […]