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Postgres Linked Server How To

Just a quick post showing how to add a Postgres database server as a Linked Server in Microsoft SQL Server. Install the psqlODBC driver for Windows. Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Data Sources (ODBC). Click the "System DSN" tab and click the Add button. Choose "PostreSQL ANSI" and click Finish. Configure the data source by […]


I really used to like apt-get when I used to run Linux as my home os a few years ago. Once you got the hang of it installing and managing software was easy. I’m obviously pleased to see PsFetch in development. This tool is the Windows Powershell take on apt-get which will allow you to […]

PowershellPack STA Error

I’m really into Powershell so I like trying out all the available tools. Somehow I’ve missed the release of the PowershellShellPack which has ten modules offering all kinds of additional functionality including file handling, operating system information, GUI and code generation. I followed the Channel 9 video and ran into a problem on the first […]

Extract Stored Procedure Comments with TSQL

I’ve blogged before about documenting databases. I’m very much a fan of extracting documentation from systems themselves so it’s as up-to-date as it can be. That’s probably why I’m such a big fan of Powershell a tool that excels at this task. This week I was thinking about how to get at the comments often […]

British Government launches free data site

Just a quick post about the British Governments launch of offering free access to a large number of datasets. It’s good to see this data, that we as taxpayers have funded, available for free use. Hats off to The Guardian’s long running free our data campaign. The site is being officially launched by Sir […]