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Can you send that to me in an email?

Sometimes I’m writing Powershell scripts to gather information on a seemingly ad-hoc basis and then someone says; "Oh, and can you send that to me in an email every day|week|month". These scripts would often use a bunch of Write-Host statements to output to the console. Modifying these to send the output in an email can […]

Guest Post on Scripting Guys

I’ve written a post about Documenting Databases with Powershell that’s featured today on the Microsoft Scripting Guys blog. Head on over and check it out!

Add column headers to a MySQL Outfile

Unfortunately the MySQL SELECT INTO OUTFILE command doesn’t support an option to output the headers of the result set you are exporting. A feature request has been open for over 2 years to sort this with no apparent activity. A few people have had the idea of using a UNION ALL to include the headers […]

Performance benchmarking with Powershell

I’ve been working on a performance benchmarking project recently to gauge the effect of new releases to our systems. Powershell happens to be very useful gathering various system statistics using the Get-Counter cmdlet. There’s literally a tonne of available counters for everything to disk use, memory usage to sql server specific counters. You can list […]

Are your databases Trustworthy?

Recently I needed to check which of our databases, on our many SQL Servers, had the TRUSTWORTHY property set to true. This property, when set to false, can reduce certain threats from malicious assemblies or modules. Obviously this should only be enabled where it needs to be. Here’s a quick Powershell script that will enable […]