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MySQL Fulltext search primer

MySQL fulltext indexing can be a useful addition to a website requiring some better searching capabilities. Many blogging platforms based on MySQL, like wordpress, will be using fulltext indexes for their search features. While not as powerful as something like Lucene it certainly is a lot simpler to setup. Fulltext indexes can only be created on […]

Check for failed SQL Agent Jobs with Powershell

Checking for failed SQL Agent jobs should be part of any DBA workplan. Here’s another Powershell script that makes checking the last run outcome easy on multiple SQL Servers. To run this script you need to create a list of your SQL Servers in a text file called sqlservers.txt. Place this text file in your […]

Ping all Domain Computers with Powershell

Here’s a Powershell script that can ping all computers that are in your domain. All computers registered in AD will be pinged, including ones long dead, so this script may be useful for figuring out what is still active on your network. There’s nothing to configure on this script so it should be good to […]

Documenting Databases

Asking for database documentation in many tech shops will result in blank stares. Other places do see the value of but it forever remains on the to-do list. There are a few commercial products available hoping to help with this; SchemaToDoc – SqlSpec – SQL Doc – I’m not convinced of their […]

Check disk space with Powershell

Need to monitor disk space on multiple servers? Then make the job easy with this Powershell script. To configure this script just create a file called serverlist.txt in your user profile folder, C:\Users\Rhys on my laptop. The $percentWarning variable allows you to control at what percentage level you will be warned about free disk space. […]