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Auditing your SQL Servers with Powershell

Being able to know the setup and configuration of your SQL Servers is important for many IT Professionals. Powershell, combined with SMO, makes this task easy. SMO exposes a lot of properties allowing you to easily retrieve things like Processor & RAM Information, Service Pack Level, Operating System information, Collation Settings, number of Databases, and […]

Auditing Network Adapters with Powershell

Those boring network auditing tasks you have to do are now going to be a breeze with Powershell. With technologies like WMI accessible from Powershell there is virtually no limit to what you can do. I’m going to publish a series of articles showing how Powershell can be used to document your server and network. […]

Altering Database Objects with Powershell

Sometimes it’s necessary to rename tables and databases and this can create a lot of work if it’s referenced by other database objects. I recently came across this situation at work. Developers had introduced a second database into the system and each referenced the other. This didn’t sit well with our testing environment that had […]

Monitoring & starting Services with Powershell

Are you part of the DBA crowd that hasn’t yet checked out Powershell? I’m really enthusiastic about its potential for server administration. Script out all those mundane jobs you have to do and make life easy. Here’s a Powershell script that makes checking if services are running, and optionally starting them, on multiple servers really […]

Shrinking Tweets with Tweet-SQL

To get your point across on Twitter you sometimes have to try and shorten your tweets. This can be a pain for anyone over 30 who doesn’t know txtspk. Thankfully some clever chap has come to the rescue with TweetShrink and I’ve integrated it into Tweet-SQL. Here’s how you use it; ?View Code TSQLDECLARE @shrunk […]