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My Favourite SQL Tools

BIDSHelper Enhances and extends the functionality of BIDS. I’ve mainly used this with SSIS but there are many tools for SSAS and SSRS included in the package. Two of my favourites include the variable editor (useful when you add them in the wrong scope) and the deployment wizard. These two things alone have probably saved […]


Not many people seem to be aware of the WITH TIES clause introduced in SQL Server 2005+. This simple feature is worth adding to your query armoury. In the words of BOL WITH TIES… “Specifies that additional rows be returned from the base result set with the same value in the ORDER BY columns appearing […]

London Postcode District Data

The requirement to work with postcodes, and specifically London postcode districts, has followed me around during my professional life. Below is a TSQL script to create a table for the postal districts in London. Enjoy! ?View Code TSQLCREATE TABLE london_postcodes (postcode VARCHAR(4) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED) GO   SET NOCOUNT ON; SET XACT_ABORT ON; […]