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Using the Twitter Search API with Tweet-SQL

Using the new version of Tweet-SQL you can consume data from the Twitter Search API. The data in Twitter Search is constantly updated with new tweets so anything you grab out of the API is near real-time. To perform a query with Tweet-SQL run the following T-SQL; ?View Code TSQLEXEC dbo.tweet_src_search ‘MC Frontalot’, null, null; […]

Using TinyURL with Tweet-SQL

As every post to Twitter is limited to 140 characters it’s important we are able to squeeze as much as we can out of it. To help users of Tweet-SQL with this I’ve integrated TinyURL into version 2 of the product. Here’s how you use it; ?View Code TSQLDECLARE @long_url NVARCHAR(1000), @short_url NVARCHAR(100);   SET […]

Powershell Nuggets

Here are a few Powershell nuggets for beginners to digest. First thing that might trip you up is the Execution Policy built into Powershell. I’ve turned this off on my development machine but it’s obviously advised to have it enabled on production machines. That aside, it’s easy to turn off… If you’re using Vista you […]

Non-SELECT Joins in T-SQL and MySQL

I read a great article, by Pinal Dave, on SQL Joins  this week. I thought I’d add something for Non-SELECT joins as I’ve noticed a few developers missing these in their armoury. It doesn’t help that there is no standard so every database implements this differently. This is one of the few occasions where you […]

SSIS: Not just for BI

SSIS can offer you more than just simple ETL. Even though I dislike VB.Net its inclusion in SSIS allows you to do virtually anything you can think of. I’ve used SSIS for testing other bits of software, categorising keyword and search terms, and monitoring Windows Servers with WMI. SSIS comes with a lot in the […]