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Hack Attack

Today I spotted a suspicious looking file called login.txt on the c drive of a customers web server. Being the nosey curious type I opened the file and this is what it contained… Welcome!!! This server is hacked by This_is_Joepie. Download with fun and: DON’T PUBLISH THIS IP ANYWHERE DON’T REHACK THIS SERVER DON’T SCAN […]

Tweet-SQL Version 2 Sneak Peek

Tweet-SQL is a Twitter Client for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and above allowing you to interact with the Twitter API with standard T-SQL. The forthcoming version 2 of Tweet-SQL contains a host of new features and improvements. Here’s a sneak peek at what is coming in Tweet-SQL V2; New procedure allowing the use of the […]

Ping-SQL Sneak Peek

Ping-SQL allows you to play with the API with standard T-SQL in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and above. Ping-SQL includes procedures to programmatically adjust configuration, replicate data to local tables and, of course, interact directly with the API. Here’s a quick summary of the procedures currently in the suite… Procedure Classification Comment ping_cfg_debug Configuration […]

Software Deployment with PsExec

This isn’t related to SQL in any way but I’d thought I’d present it here as it has proven to be an excellent solution to a problem I was facing at work. I’m currently working for a software house helping out with upgrades of customer systems. I got thrown a few .dll files and was […]