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my: a command-line tool for MariaDB Clusters

I’ve posted the code for my MariaDB Cluster command-line tool called┬ámy. It does a bunch of stuff but the main purpose is to allow you to easily monitor replication cluster-wide while working in the shell. Here’s an example of this screen… hostname port cons u_cons role repl_detail lag gtid read_only master1 3306 7 0 ms […]

Check database auto-shrink setting with Powershell

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It’s very well known that auto-shrink is bad for reasons I won’t repeat here. Perhaps you’ve been meaning to check all your servers and databases but simply haven’t got around to it? A simple bit of Powershell makes this into a trivial task; ?View Code POWERSHELL# Load SMO [System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName("Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo") | Out-Null;   # List of […]

Hack Attack

Today I spotted a suspicious looking file called login.txt on the c drive of a customers web server. Being the nosey curious type I opened the file and this is what it contained… Welcome!!! This server is hacked by This_is_Joepie. Download with fun and: DON’T PUBLISH THIS IP ANYWHERE DON’T REHACK THIS SERVER DON’T SCAN […]

Hello world!

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