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SSIS: Make your output files dynamic

I like making my SSIS packages as dynamic as possible. Once that package has been deployed into production I want to avoid opening it up in BIDS if possible. I’ve blogged previously about using Stored Procedures in Execute SQL Tasks but this only gives us flexibility in terms of the where clause. We have no […]

Execute SQ… Procedure Task

I’ve been having a bit of a debate with some colleagues today about the Execute SQL Procedure Task in SSIS. Is it ok to enter raw SQL queries into this task or should everything be enclosed within a Stored Procedure? My view… For me, any day of the week, it should always be a proc. […]

Powershell Script Task for SSIS

SSIS and Powershell are two of my current loves in technology, so of course, I was excited to see someone has made a Powershell Script Task. I’ve been meaning to try this out for months. Unfortunately it looks like the project isn’t currently active, but I thought I’d still give it a whirl, and post […]

Automated Date Range Testing of SSIS Packages

I’m currently building a lot of SSIS packages that are primarily date driven. Many of these involve periods of 100 days, to several years, so I wanted to automate the testing of these packages. I’d previously automated the testing of stored procedures over date ranges but wanted a solution for testing the system as a […]

SSIS: Don’t run the process on a bank Holiday

Sadly, as people don’t make sense, we have to make compromises in our systems and processes. I recently had a requirement, in an SSIS package, to be able to identify which days were Bank Holidays and take a different course of action, e.g. not run the main process. Here’s an illustration of the approach I […]