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SSIS: Failed to load XML from package file

I recently came across this error in one of our SSIS packages. Description: Failed to load XML from package file “C:\Path\To\Package.dtsx” due to error 0xC00CE508 “An invalid character was found in text content. Line 426, Column 104”. This happens when loading a package and the file cannot be opened or loaded correctly into an XML […]

Copy SSIS Packages between SQL Server Instances

I’m in the process of setting up a mirrored server and I’m looking to make fail-over as painless as possible. SSIS Packages are used quite extensively in our environment so it would be useful to mirror these. I’ve written a little powershell script to get this done. It’s fairly limited, will only copy packages created […]

SSIS: Loading files into MySQL

Getting data out of MySQL with SSIS is a snap. Putting data into MySQL has been a different matter. I’ve always done this in the past with a hodgepodge of ODBC, Linked Servers, OPENQUERY and the Script Task. All of these work well but they’re just not as convenient as loading files with the OLED […]

SSIS Execute Process Task not registered for use on this Computer

Whilst doing some maintenance on an SSIS package I encountered the below error when attempting to edit an Execute Process Task. The package executes daily so I’m lucky I caught this in time. I Googled around and found this thread which advised a reinstall of SSIS. Unfortunately I didn’t have this luxury so I decided […]

SSIS: Make your output files dynamic part 2

A few weeks ago I blogged about my attempts to make dynamic output files in ssis. The idea here was to make an ssis package, producing a text file output, that would cope with complete changes to the data source. If you wanted to add a column all you needed to do was change the […]