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Twitter lists with Tweet-SQL 3.6

Here’s a quick post about viewing Twitter lists with Tweet-SQL 3.6. First you can view your lists by running; EXEC dbo.tweet_lists_list null, null, null; This will show the lists followed by the authenticating user. To work with specific list tweets copy the appropriate @list_id into the script below and execute it. DECLARE @xml XML, @handle […]

Archiving a Twitter users timeline with Tweet-SQL 3.6

Here’s a quick update of a post I made way back in 2008 to archive a users timeline. This script will allow you download the tweets from any unprotected twitter account. Let’s get started! First create the following table in your Tweet-SQL database. CREATE TABLE TwitterArchive ( created_at NVARCHAR(30), id BIGINT PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED, [text] NVARCHAR(140), […]

Tweet-SQL 3.6 Released!

The long overdue update for Tweet-SQL is here! This is a major update for version 1.1 of the Twitter API. A lot has changed in the twitter API and so has Tweet-SQL. Due to this the old scripts published on this site will no longer work. I’ll be posting a series of updates to old scripts […]

Tweet-SQL 3.5 Released

Tweet-SQL 3.5 is now available. This release features better methods for using multiple Twitter accounts and https support. Download your copy over on There’s a few exciting blog posts coming up including "The AdventureWorks of Tweet-SQL" and "Twitter bots with Tweet-SQL". In the meantime checkout the following blog posts… MULTIPLE TWITTER ACCOUNTS WITH TWEET-SQL […]

Multiple Twitter accounts with Tweet-SQL

Since Twitter made the switch to use oAuth the single most requested feature for Tweet-SQL has been for better handling of multiple twitter accounts. While it was possible to use multiple accounts, with no restriction, you had to go through the oAuth process every time you wanted to change usernames. Obviously this won’t do so […]