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Free Database Sync Tools

I’m a big fan of Redgate SQL Compare but it’s been good to see the arrival of a few free alternatives. Life previous to these tools really does seem like the stone age now eliminating those "oh $h**, I forgot about that!" moments. I’d always go for Redgate every time but, if you don’t have […]

Using TwitterCounter with Tweet-SQL

TwitterCounter is a service that provides Twitter user statistics. In their own words; “The TwitterCounter API allows you to retrieve everything TwitterCounter knows about a certain Twitter username.” TwitterCounter basically provides statistics on followers and predictions on growth. The next version of Tweet-SQL will include a procedure to work with this data. Here’s how you […]

Shrinking Tweets with Tweet-SQL

To get your point across on Twitter you sometimes have to try and shorten your tweets. This can be a pain for anyone over 30 who doesn’t know txtspk. Thankfully some clever chap has come to the rescue with TweetShrink and I’ve integrated it into Tweet-SQL. Here’s how you use it; DECLARE @shrunk VARCHAR(140), @shaved […]

Know who your friends are with Tweet-SQL

Tweet-SQL version 2 supports the new Twitter social graph API methods. These are two very simple methods to get all of your followers, or friends, Twitter user ids. There are four procedures in Tweet-SQL that support these methods. tweet_sog_followers – Returns the ids of the authenticating users followers or, if a non-null value is supplied […]

Using the Twitter Search API with Tweet-SQL

Using the new version of Tweet-SQL you can consume data from the Twitter Search API. The data in Twitter Search is constantly updated with new tweets so anything you grab out of the API is near real-time. To perform a query with Tweet-SQL run the following T-SQL; EXEC dbo.tweet_src_search ‘MC Frontalot’, null, null; Data from […]