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Multiple Twitter accounts with Tweet-SQL

Since Twitter made the switch to use oAuth the single most requested feature for Tweet-SQL has been for better handling of multiple twitter accounts. While it was possible to use multiple accounts, with no restriction, you had to go through the oAuth process every time you wanted to change usernames. Obviously this won’t do so […]

Tweet-SQL: Storing searches in a table

A Tweet-SQL user emailed me recently about how to store results from the tweet_src_search procedure in a table. Twitter returns an atom feed for search requests so you have to handle this slightly differently compared to other Tweet-SQL procedures. Here’s a quick walk-through of how we can get Twitter search results into a database table […]

Tweet-SQL Version 3 released

Tweet-SQL version 3 has been released! Here’s a quick summary of the new features. Full 64 bit OS Support. (Previously the installer would fail to created the required registry keys on 64 bit Operating Systems). Full support for oAuth authentication. Support for the new Twitter List methods. See sqlserverpedia list with Tweet-SQL for this in […]

Creating a sqlserverpedia list with Tweet-SQL

Many moons ago I posted an article illustrating how to befriend twitter users on the sqlserverpedia list with Tweet-SQL. Since Twitter have added various list methods to their API I thought it would be fun to rehash this post to create a list with Tweet-SQL. First copy the list of users from the sqlserverpedia page. […]

Configuring oAuth for Tweet-SQL

Twitter are soon requiring that all applications accessing their API use oAuth instead of basic authentication. This means you don’t have to provide your password to third parties when using their apps. I’ve been busy adding this to the upcoming version of Tweet-SQL and here’s a quick guide to setting up oAuth. After installing Tweet-SQL […]