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Counting objects between databases

I’ve been looking at using Powershell in our release process to automate various things. I’ve used it to compare table data between databases and I’m now thinking of using it to validate our schema upgrades. I want to be easily alerted to any missing tables, columns, stored procedures and other objects. We have TFS at […]

List Sql Server Processes with Powershell

I was looking for a way to grab a list of processes running inside Sql Server but wasn’t having much luck. Essentially I wanted something like the Get-Process cmdlet but for Sql Server. Shortly after tweeting for help I stumbled across the EnumProcesses SMO method. Using this is quite simple. To list all Sql Server […]

The Poor Mans data compare with Powershell

Each new cmdlet I discover makes me fall in love with Powershell a little bit more. A while ago I discovered the Compare-Object cmdlet. The examples given in the documentation demonstrate how to compare computer processes and text files but I was interested to see if this would work with a dataset. So I tried […]

Check SQL Agent Job Owners with Powershell

You may have a standard within your organisation for ownership of SQL Agents Jobs. Here’s quick Powershell snippet that you can use to check your server for compliance against your policy. Change the $servers array to contain the names of the SQL Servers you want to query. Change the value for $default_user to the user […]

Document your SQL Agent Jobs

And I don’t mean writing it down in a word document, leaving it somewhere on the network, and then forgetting about it. How about keeping the documentation with the job? Microsoft provides us with a space for it… In this description field ideally I’d like to see A brief description of what the job does. […]