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Creating & Installing the CentOS cluster nodes.

This post is part of a series that will deal with setting up a MySQL shared storage cluster using VirtualBox & FreeNAS. In this post we deal with the installation of CentOS in VirtualBox. This post deals with the creation of two Linux servers hosted within VirtualBox. We will download an installer for CentOS, install […]

Installing & Configuring a MySQL shared-storage Cluster

This post is meant as a index of posts dealing with the installation of a shared-storage MySQL cluster running within VirtualBox. I’m learning this stuff too so don’t assume this is the reference implementation. Feel free to point out any issues, or provide recommendations, and I’ll update the post and give you credit. The software […]

Replace the Engine used in mysqldump

Just a little bash snippet to replace the ENGINE type used in a mysqldump. Slightly modified from this stackoverflow thread to perform the dump and replacement in a single step. To dump to a file… ?View Code BASHmysqldump -h hostname -u root -p –routines –databases db_name | sed -re ‘s/^(\) ENGINE=)MyISAM/\1TokuDB/gi’ > output.sql To copy […]

Move a MySQL / TokuDB database?

I’ve been having a look at TokuDB recently and I’m quite excited about some of its claims. But everything comes with its limitations! If you search Google for “move tokudb database” You’ll be presented with a big page of NO! Aside from moving the entire data directory the advice here is use mysqldump or change to another […]

MySQL Database Maintenance Stored Procedure Update

This is just a quick update of a stored procedure to assist with MySQL Database Maintenance. I originally posted this back in 2012. The Stored Procedure allows you to run OPTIMIZE TABLE or ANALYZE TABLE on all (or most) tables in a MySQL database. In this version I’ve added some simple logging and automatic recognition of partitioned tables to take advantage […]