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Notes from the field: CockroachDB Cluster Setup

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Download the CockroachDB Binary Perform on each node. ?View Code BASHwget tar xvzf cockroach-latest.linux-amd64.tgz mv cockroach-latest.linux-amd64/cockroach /usr/bin/ chmod +x /usr/bin/cockroach Create cockroach user and directories Perform on each node. ?View Code BASHgroupadd cockroach useradd -r cockroach -g cockroach su – cockroach cd /home/cockroach mkdir -p certs my-safe-directory cockroach_db Check ntp status Check NTP is […]

Getting started with CockRoachDB

I’ve been quite interested in CockRoachDB as it claims to be “almost impossible to take down”. Here’s a quick example for setting up a CockRoachDB cluster. This was done on a mac but should work with no, or minimal, modifications on *nix. First, download and set the path PATH ?View Code BASHwget tar xvzf […]